Home Shred with CoreFitness!


CoreFitness May Home Shred – May 11th – 22nd!

“This May, Shred will be at Home…Our Home, Your Home, the friend who moved to the burbs’ Home.

This one-of-a-kind fitness series will be available to everyone in the House that CoreFitness built. A haven created by a CoreFitness community with the shared unwavering desire to work hard, seek balance, offer support and laugh together along the way to building stronger bodies and sounder minds.

Invite  your friends, family no matter how near or far for this golden opportunity this May to join you and learn first hand #whyishred!

We’re ALL one click away from two weeks of  focused fitness and approachable nutrition plans for all activity levels.

Join now; here’s why:

  • Home Shred is brought to via you Zoom, literally anyone, anywhere can join! All fitness levels are encouraged.
  •  Dates: Weekdays Mon, 5/11- Fri 5/22 from 7-7:50AM (EST). Weekends = Recharge!
  •  Structured formatted classes led by CoreFit’s team of experienced trainers with a plan to open a totally new door into your fitness world.
  •  “Stacked” Nutrition: (Huh???) Don’t worry, Nutritionist Lauren Krinis has an uncanny way of making eating well easier than imagined. Together, with her expertise, coaching and group support we help you build healthy behavior one habit at a time.
  • Personalized Goal Coaching: What’s your plan? Let’s make it happen with personalized support specific to your goals and questions and to help keep you accountable.
  •  Group support; the nucleus of any Shred: (Optional) After-Class Sit Downs with instructors Gina, Lauren and Cindy + Friday Finale (BYO)!

Still not sure? Join Gina & Cindy for a 15 min (FREE) info session. Get your questions answered and see for yourself some of the Shred exercise routines. We can’t wait to see you!

SAVE $50 by Registering for Shred TODAY!