CoreFitness Referral Program


CoreFitness Referral Program

CoreFitness believes that we have the greatest class participants in Philly.  To put it simple, we want more people like you!
To show our appreciation when you refer your friends and family, we are happy to announce our new Referral Program, so that you can earn CoreFitness credits when you tell others about us.

Here’s the scoop:

  1. Refer your friends and family to CoreFitness Boot Camp and group classes.  Their first Boot Camp class is free!
  2. When your referral becomes a HardCore member, purchases a class card or registers for Shred, you get CoreFitness credit that can be applied to your next purchase.  Refer as many friends as you want!
    Your CoreFitness account will receive the following one time credit when your referral makes a purchase:

    • HardCore membership: $10
    • 2 or 3 week Shred program: $10
    • 1 week Shred program: $5
    • 10 class card purchase: $5
  3. Anyone can benefit from this program; HardCore members, class card holders, Class Pass users and walk-ins.
  4. Your CoreFitness credits will remain in your account until you make a purchase and apply the credits on your own (HardCore members can email when you’re ready to use credits).
  5. CoreFitness credits are non-transferable and not valid for cash refunds.