I Tried CoreFitness and I Immediately Became Hooked...


I Tried CoreFitness and I Immediately Became Hooked…

I started February 3rd 2015. I woke up one morning and was disgusted with myself and how I let myself get that heavy. Also, about a month before my doctor told me I was pre-diabetic and if I did not make some changes I inevitably would become full blown diabetic. That day I decided to cut out bread, rice, pasta and as much sugar as possible. (I have only eaten 2 pieces of pizza in 2.5 years!!)

The first three months were absolute hell, but after that I became used to it. I started with a personal trainer and also group training. I started to see noticeable changes and enjoyed working out. After a while, I was ready for something new so I tried Core-Fitness. I tried it and I immediately became hooked. The workouts were amazing and each trainer had their own style and kept it fresh.

It evolved into a lifestyle and a family feeling with major support from the trainers and other members. It has also helped maintain balance in my life by helping me deal with stress. Core-fit has played the biggest part in helping me stay somewhat fit and challenging me to accomplish things I never thought I would be able to do. I like to try new workouts but Core-Fitness is still my #1 and is the best overall. I am glad I found you!” – Anthony

Anthony’s Total Weight Loss is 45 pounds!