The 12 Days of CoreFitness!


The 12 Days of CoreFitness!

…Killer Abs! On the second day of Christmas, CoreFitness gave to me…amazing arms!!! You get the point, each of the 12 days of CoreFitness will be geared towards giving you the perfect gift of fitness with a workout designed to attack each aspect of your body!

WHAT:  12 energizing workouts that will vary day to day! Think: arms & abs, endurance, plyometrics, leans legs, and cardio to mention just a few!

WHERE: Class will meet at the Ukrainian League on 23rd & Brown Streets

WHEN: Weekday mornings beginning Wednesday,  December 9th through to Thursday, December 24th! 12 Great Workouts = 1 FIT YOU!

HOW: Participants must pre-register. 12 Days is included for HardCore members. Class cards can be used for this series. To register or for more details contact CoreFitness today!

BONUS – Every class YOU attend $2 are donated in your name to our the Jane Addam’s House! Learn more about this amazing organization: :